Case Study: Start-Up Business

This health care company started in 1999 with two members of staff and one computer. After five years the company had grown to ten permanent staff and over two hundred and fifty temporary staff.

CompuSage has worked along side the management team as their trusted IT supplier developing the infrastructure in a timely fashion as the company grew.

CompuSage initially provided a single PC and telephone support. Within the next five years compuSage designed their website, installed cabling, commissioned new offices and worked alongside their software application provider in the selection process and to ensure that the system was installed as smoothly as possible.

The system designed by CompuSage featured a Server with centralised facilities for E-mail and secure remote access to the main office outside working hours. In addition, CompuSage was responsible for all aspects of software support and hardware maintenance.

CompuSage was able to demonstrate complete understanding of the company's business and as the owners had very little knowledge of IT, the management trusted us to the level where we acted as their outsourced IT department, leaving them to concentrate on growing the business using their skills and resources in the areas they knew best.

The IT infrastructure was probably more advanced than other organisations in the same market sector for a company of similar size and the company was able to leverage this to achieve competitive advantage in the quality of their communications. This was due to CompuSage ability to keep management updated with developments in the IT area that the company could use to its advantage. After seven years in business the company was sold. CompuSage still provides IT support to new business owners.

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