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Data Backup


Securing your data


CompuSage data backup service in conjunction with our partners Clunk Click is one of the UK’s leading providers of secure data backup, restore and storage solutions. Clunk Click Onsite or online solutions offer the most secure, manageable and cost effective backup and storage possible. They provide an effective and efficient solution for the totally automated backup and recovery of critical information stored on a variety of platforms and operating systems. CompuSage has partnered with clunk click to provide a managed backup service that will take the hassle out of your backup and data recovery planning.


CompuSage data backup service is ideal for single or multiple sites, for PCs, laptops, Servers and networks, where ever they are. The service delivers network efficiency, policy based control and simplicity of use – minimising risk and maximising productivity.


CompuSage data backup service ensures your data is automatically backed up each day to mirrored offsite data centres and is recoverable within a few clicks of the mouse.


CompuSage data backup service enables you to setup and forget your daily backup process giving you maximum data protection with minimum effort, it could not be simpler or safer.we will monitor the backups and take responsibility if there are any issues or if you ever need to restore any data.


If you are currently backing up to an external hard drive, tape or CD call us to find out how we can help you improve the security of your data, streamline your backup process and save you money too !


Our data backup service are an essential element of any business continuity strategy. Should disaster strike, we will get your business up and running again fast !!


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