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Whether you have 3 or 300 workstations, when choosing a system we look for the best one to suit you.


We look at your companies needs and select the solution that is most appropriate for your organisation. We only work with and are trained by the leading IT suppliers in the industry and therefore we have an extensive list of products to choose from. Making sure you get the right network for your company.




CompuSage are experts at designing, building, and installing networks. Many companies recognise CompuSage’s ability to deliver to end users, including Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett Packard 3Com, Dell, D-Link and Cisco. Our team at CompuSage is able to deliver on task management, network security, messaging, remote working, Internet connectivity, Intranet and so much more. We are capable of giving you exactly what you want as soon as you need it.


CompuSage is a Microsoft certified small business Partner, all of our engineers have at least 3 years Computer experience and are qualified to a minimum of degree level in addition senior staff are MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) qualified.



You cannot underestimate the value of consultancy. Much time, effort and cost can be saved in the long run, simply by taking advantage of our pre installation consultancy service.



When you need things done you can always rely on CompuSage. Our team are more then capable of putting your plans into action. Our highly experienced team are here to act as your companies IT Department, supplement your in-house team or rescue any project.



All our clients are given their own experienced project manager to oversee your team in action. They of course have will have been given all the information needed from the CompuSage lab analyst. It’s the project manager’s job to ensure that your suppliers, users and managers all have the correct information they require to ensure you get the network you want.



We understand that disruption in the workplace leads to decreased productivity that’s why CompuSage aim to complete most of the work required offsite. We want your business to carry on without being disrupted, as you are our first concern. When we are onsite all our engineers are aware of your business needs and will act respectfully in the workplace.



What measures our success? Your team. All the latest technology in the world is no good if your team can’t use it. So how we judge our achievement is the user competence of your staff. Our systems are there to help your staff not hinder them.


From the first day your system is operating we make sure all users are competent and confident with the new technology. If their first experience is negative then users will loose faith in the system and their relationship will be antagonistic. We ensure your staff have a positive introduction to the system so they look forward to the advantages it will bring, and they look forward to improving their skills.



Whether you have 3 or 300 workstations, it is essential that on the day of your new system goes live that you have the right skills and technical expertise on hand to help your workforce with their new system. We are there to help you after your system has been implemented and help with any changes or questions you may have.