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Internet/Web Services



Internet Starter Pack  


* Domain name registration


Don't let someone take your domain name. Register your company's domain name from only £ 9.99 for domain name, or £ 19.99 for domain name.


* Email Forwarding and Email Redirection


Email forward allows all messages sent to your registered domain name to be automatically forwarded to your existing ISP. That way you do not have to change your ISP. We will throw in free Email forwarding if your register your domain name with us.


* Web hosting (20Mb Web space)


Web hosting allows you to store your web pages on a secure high availability, fault tolerant server with fast access pipes to the Internet and your own control panelWe can provide you with 20 MB web space for only £ 19.99 /Month. Or £ 199.00 a year.


* Web site development 


Once you have your domain name registered anyone in world with a PC connected to the Internet could visit your company's web site and become a potential customer if you have developed a website.


CompuSage offers a number of options to get you started.


1. 1 Page Marketing/holding page web site £ 45.00


2. 3-5 Pages marketing web site £ 299.00


3. Bespoke development. Please call us.


4. Rent a marketing web site from only £ 20 /month


Take advantage of this special offer. Order web hosting and a three page marketing web site and we will register your domain name free and provide email forwarding for 2 years. This means for only £ 499 /year (Or £ 49.99) /month you get:-


· Free Domain Name registration


· Email Forwarding and Email re-direction to your normal mailbox.


· 20 Mbytes of web space.


· 3 page Marketing web site.


· Effectively puts your company on the Internet and enables you to receive and send Email from your computer using your domain name.


This is only the tip of the iceberg to enable you to start to exploit the potential of the web. Call us now and we will tell you how we can help you to enhance your web site to maximise its potential. For example :-


· Add your web site to search engines so that your company can be found easily.


· Use the web to sell your products by uploading a catalogue of products with pictures and prices.


· Develop an E-commerce web site and accept payments on the web.


· Get the web working for you even when you are not at work.


* Internet and Access from local area network


Ever wished that that you did not have to waste your valuable time waiting for important files or mail messages to be downloaded to your PC from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but could not afford ISDN or leased Kilostream lines. Wait no longer!!! You can now access the Internet from as little as £ 65/month plus installation and download files 10 times faster than using a dial up modem.


Note: Offer only applies to certain areas in the Thames valley call now to see if you are eligible.


For more information and to see our potofolio please visit