Important Security Tips when using the Internet or reading Emails

The use of the Internet and Emails are important and useful productivity tools that we use every day and are now an essential part of modern day living in the western world.

The security implications of using the internet or Email are no different from that of those you would take in the course of your day to day life, for example, you would not give your personal information to anyone just because they as asked for it and you certainly would not give out passwords unless you were sure it was to someone you trust who needed to know that information.

These are a few guidelines relating to security that you should be aware of when using the Internet and reading Emails.


Never enter your security or personal details on a web site unless you are sure it is to a trusted website you know.
Look out for the security bar on the bottom of the screen or the use of https: in the web address bar when using websites that involves security transactions..

Be very careful when downloading or installing software from sites you don’t know. Doing so may introduce viruses or Trojans onto your computer.

Avoid using sites that provide FREE music downloads for example Limewire or Spotify.

Look out for phishing websites that may look like a website you trust but is in fact a replica deliberately setup to trick you into entering security or sensitive information.

If you are using search engines to find a web site, use the site advisory indicators to assess how well that site is known.


Be careful when opening links in Emails from people you don’t know, as they may launch malicious software on your computer.

Be aware of Phishing Emails. For example you may receive an Email that claims to come from your bank or other trusted organisation but in fact has been sent from a rogue site trying to get your security details, by attempting to get you to click on a link in the Email, which could then launch a rogue program.

Use strong passwords. Minimum 8 characters with a mixture of letters and numbers and special characters.

If you think you have inadvertently started to install a dodgy program. Abort the program, Close all open programs and restart your computer,.then run a full Anti Virus scan.

Always ensure that you are running the latest antivirus software on your computer and that the virus database is up to date.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS ensure you have a back up of your important data.


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