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Network Troubleshooting



Are you designing or upgrading your network or computer system ? The choice of the wrong products can cause expensive downtime. Are you sure you are using the latest products which are compatible with your future needs? We have over 30 man years of experience designing computer networks and are accredited by some of the leading network suppliers. Talk to us first. There is no charge for the first hour !!  


CompuSage provides extensive networking services including full CAT 5/6 Cabling, supply and installation of networking products from the leading network suppliers e.g. 3Com, Dlink, Cisco and the security framework to ensure that your IT environment is fully protected.

Network Security


Improving information and network security is at the forefront of every IT decision maker’s mind. Tackling this task without a sound framework and a solid partner can be overwhelming. With your highest risk for disaster coming from some form of unauthorized network activity or network security breach, most businesses cannot afford to standby and wait for the inevitable.


There are many things that can be done to secure your network at little costs that will make a dramatic improvement to security, making it much harder to gain unauthorized access to your network.

Our consultants and engineers are trained by the leading security network suppliers, you are therefore assured of working and cost effective solutions.


CompuSage can provide you with network security solutions that will let you sleep peacefully at night in the knowledge that your computer systems are secure.


Email Security


There’s a powerful way to easily counter threats from both inside and outside your network–SonicWALL® Web and Email Security Solutions. SonicWALL Email Security leverages a global end-to-end attack monitoring network to deliver the highest level of protection from all inbound threats including spam, phishing attacks and viruses. It also stops the outbound threat of noncompliant e-mail traffic. SonicWALL Content Security Manager thoroughly scans all incoming Web content and stops Web-based viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms