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Network Design Service

Are you designing or upgrading your network or computer system? Choosing the wrong products can cause expensive downtime. Are your products up-to-date and compatible with your future needs? We have over 30 man years of experience designing computer networks and are accredited by some of the leading network suppliers. Talk to us first. There is no charge for the first hour! Read more.



Computer Hardware/Software Installation Service

Once you have purchased your computer system, you will want to ensure it is installed and configured by professionals. You may be concerned about migration issues if you are moving to a new system and the impact it may have on your operation. We have qualified Microsoft and Novell certified engineers to get your computer system up and running as smoothly as possible with the minimum disruption to your existing operation. Read more.



Network Issues/Troubleshooting Service

Are you having problems with your computing network? Slow performance or unreliable connections? Ask one of our network troubleshooters. We offer a network health check, ensuring that your network is running to its optimum capacity. Read more.



Data Backup Service

CompuSage data backup service ensures your data is automatically backed up each day to mirrored offsite data centers and is recoverable with a few clicks of the mouse. CompuSage data backup service handles the data set-up, giving you maximum data protection with minimum effort. It could not be simpler or safer. We will monitor the backups and take responsibility if there are any issues or if you ever need to restore any data. Read more.



Remote Access & Mobile Computing/Office 365

There are many reasons why you should be considering remote access for your business: the convenience of working from home; being able to check your email while on the move; the ability to give certain customers access to your intranet and doing our bit for the environment. However, at the same time there are many issues to be considered: security, authentication, auditing, and controlling who accesses your data. CompuSage Remote Access service helps you to assess your requirements and will put forward proposals and implement products, procedures and policies to suit your business needs. Read more.



Improvingtheperformancofyournetwork Consultancy Service IT healthcheck


CompuSage believes that all requirements can be broken down into discrete manageable activities - a service. Each service deals with a key computing area. This page contains a summary of the services we offer.


Internet and Web Services

Is your business getting left behind because you don’t have a web presence? We can help. Call us now to talk to one of our Internet designers.

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