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System Health Check

The Free Computer/Network Health Check gives you a snapshot indication of the state of your network.



It gives key indicators regarding what we feel are the minimum requirements for a small business IT system.



The health check is similiar to the MOT on your car. The check can be conducted on up to four computers running a Microsoft operating system.



In order for us to conduct the check we will need access to each computer for up to 30 minutes.


The computer must be logged on or user must be available to login.


These are some of the items we will assess:


  • Processor speed

  • Status of Hard Disk

  • Physical connectivity check

  • Memory

  • AntiVirus Software Status

  • Operating System

  • Internet connection and Email status

  • Network connectivity Checks

  • Backups

  • Other observations and comments

  • User reports



After the Health Check


After the test we will send you the report and contact you to discuss the results we have found.



Call us on 08456 123440 now for more information.